Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Disillusions

So it turns out that first post may have been a little premature.
I woke up this morning with no idea where I was and burst into tears. Not gonna lie, without the adrenaline and moet to prop me up, being in a room with no clothes, no friends and no family is basically the worst way to spend your first half hour of the new year. On the up side I seem to have beaten jet lag, though (Shannon:1 Time zones:0).
Still, to make this transition more palatable I've decided on some new years resolutions.

1. Stop crying.
Seriously, tears at the breakfast table not only make everyone uncomfortable, they also ruins the most delicious meal of the day. Salty soggy weetbix ain't really my thing, yo, even if British food is as bad as I've been told. Excuse me while I man the fuck up.

2. Let's get some shoes.
And clothes. And friends, while you're there. London: you're one stop shop. I have about three outfits at the moment. Call me shallow, but that's really not ok with me. And if my social life revolves around a nine year old, I'm going to go loco.

3. Phone home.
Actually, mum this one's for you. Pick up your damn mobile, I've been phoning for an hour.
Convo spoiler alert: I'm not dead.

4. Relax your body.
Considering I'm shit broke there is actually zero option of going home, even if I want to. So instead of feeling sad and sorry for myself maybe I should just chill out (wow London is cold) (I'm SO FUNNY).

5. Buy a camera.
This is less a resolution than the #1 thing on my list of Things I Want, but 5 resolutions looks better than 4. Side note - Duty free shopping at KL = totally disappointing.

ex oh ex oh

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  1. Everyone feels homesick at first. :) Once you get used to the little things though, like the money and shopping and roads and suburbs and start to set up a little home for yourself there, it gets way easier!

    And YES BUY CLOTHES. I've done that every time I've gone somewhere new - even if it's just one little piece of clothing or jewellery - because then you don't feel so tied to Australia and the past! New place, new clothes, new life, new person. :) It really distances you from everything and makes you help set up exactly who you're going to be over there... I mean, you're still going to be you, but without anything from the past clogging up your memories and personality. And give it some time to make friends - you've got to get used to everything else first before you just go jumping into the social ocean that is London. My suggestion when you're ready is to take advantage of the Premier League season, find a sports pub on your night off, grab a pint and find some interesting-looking people and start chatting to them about the game/whatever team they're going for (you can usually tell lol). Even in Sydney I met people really easily that way! And your accent will just provide more conversation topic starters. :) PS go for Chelsea.

    Everything's going to be AWESOME for you, it's just unnerving at first. But I promise everything's going to be better than you ever dreamed it could be, in time. :) It has to, it's fucking LONDON! :D

    Loving your blog, can't wait to hear about your trek into London city!